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Practice typing at Typeracer
Determine speed and errors at Keybr
Complete the following steps below using www.atypingtest.com
Homerow Keys
Homerow Practice (Record you SPEED, ERRORS, and ACCURACY %. Complete 10 times.)
Homerow Test (Record you SPEED, ERRORS, and ACCURACY %. Complete 10 times.)
Left Hand Practice(Record you SPEED, ERRORS, and ACCURACY %. Complete 10 times.)
Right Hand Practice(Record you SPEED, ERRORS, and ACCURACY %. Complete 10 times.)
Capitalization of Homerow Keys(Record you SPEED, ERRORS, and ACCURACY %. Complete 10 times.)
Commonly Used Words 1(Record you SPEED, ERRORS, and ACCURACY %. Complete 10 times.)
Commonly Used Words 2(Record you SPEED, ERRORS, and ACCURACY %. Complete 10 times.)
Commonly Used Words 3(Record you SPEED, ERRORS, and ACCURACY %. Complete 10 times.)

Computer Concepts

Pre-Assessment of Skills for Unit 1, Project 2
Windows Desktop - Click here to take survey
Using a Mouse - Click here to take survey
Multiple Applications - Click here to take survey
Know the Keyboard - Click here to take survey
Closing Windows - Click here to take survey

Scholastic Bowl

Study Skills

Find out your Learning Style
What are your areas of Multiple Intelligence?
MIREADS Find something to READ based on what you KNOW: a website that suggests books based on your mulitple intelligences.
Do you have good Study Habits? What are habits?
Develop a Daily Schedule
Practice seven different Memorization Techniques
Play brain games
Test your listening skills with these activities:
A Bad Day Find Our House At the Bank Following Directions on the PhoneClothes Shopping Negative Questions

21st Century Information Fluency

Locate Information I : What am I searching for?

Identify Key Concepts in a Research Question

Turning Questions into Answers (Teacher Resource)(Question to Query)
Query Checklist (Teacher Resource)(Question to Query)
Querries(Teacher Resource)
Buffalo Challenge
Earthquake Challenge
Keyword Challenges (Great Wall, Stamp Collectors, Broadway, Hollywood, Piranha)
Soccer I Challenge
Snowsport I Challenge
Lego Lady Challenge

Select Initial Keywords

Using Keyword Challenges in Class(Teacher Resource)Using Keywords Effectively(Teacher Resource)Spelling(Teacher Resource)
Search Box Strategy (Teacher Resource)
Kermit the Frog Challenge
Diamond Challenge
Earthquake Toy Challenge
2007 Pump Price Challenge
Optical Illusion Challenge
Transformer Challenge
Temperature Challenge
ASSESSMENTOptimal Query Assessment
Optimal Query Assessment User Guide

Select Boolean Operators

Operators TutorialOperatorsThree Operators to KnowBest and Worst QueryAction Zone LessonsQuickPick: Operator SmartsAdvanced Operators Explained (video)OPERATOR CHALLENGESTV Search ChallengePirates and PiranhasOperators ChallengePiranhas (Operators)ASSESSMENT
Operator AssessmentAssessment User Guide
Assessment User Guide (pdf version)

Locate Information II : Where will I look:

Select Digital Collections (Visible vs. Invisible)

QuickPick: Deep WebVideo: Invisible WebRollyo Database: Inventors and InventionsInvisible Web: How Can You Search It?Opaque: What is the nearly invisible or opaque web?Vanishing WebThe Deep (Invisible) Web (Teacher Resource)ARCHERY CHALLENGESDatabase MatchCan Google google it?Can Yahoo google it?
Archery Challenge
Roller Coaster Challenge

ASSESSMENTKnowing Where to Search

Locate Information III : How will I get there?

Use Search Engines Efficiently

Model Lesson: Comparative Searching (middle school and up)Model Lesson: Rollyo, Inventors and Inventions (grades 5 and up)QuickPick: Strategic ChoicesSearch EnginesSEARCH CHALLENGESPiranhasRollercoastersAir RaceHighest LakeCell Phones
Sports Blog

Use Subject Directories Efficiently

Help with HypertextQuickPick: Strategic ChoicesSitemaps: What are they and how do they work?Subject IndexesSUBJECT DIRECTORY CHALLENGESZeus BunnycamSoccer Results

Develop Vocabulary Building Strategies

Hyper- and Hypo- NymsNyms: How Lesser Known Nyms Help You Improve a SearchSynonymsCHALLENGESSnowsport II: finding nyms in snippetsSnowsport III: choosing nyms carefullySoccer II: finding effective search wordsSoccer III: finding nyms in snippetsSoccer IV: hypernyms, synonyms and hyponyms

Select Alternate Keywords based on Search Results

Model Lesson : Canyons and Cultures (Middle School Language Arts)Using Snippet SleuthQuickPick: Better KeywordsGoogle Search History TutorialSearch Box StrategySNIPPET SLEUTHSGreat WallFunny GirlAction FigureUsing Search Logs

Revise Queries by Selecting Alternate Operators

Three Operators to KnowBest and Worst QueryAction Zone LessonsQuickPick: Operator SmartsAdvanced Operators ExplainedMicroModule Companion: OperatorsOPERATOR CHALLENGESTV Search ChallengePirates and PiranhasASSESSMENTOperator AssessmentAssessment User GuideAssessment User Guide (pdf version)

Evaluate: How good is the information?

Evaluate the Quality of the Search Results in order to make a Revision Decision

QuickPick: Find CommandCurriculum Idea: Demo SearchGold Rush ApplicationsHelp with Hypertext
California Gold -- Reading Snippets, timed and untimed
Klondike Gold -- Reading Paragraphs, timed and untimed
Snowsport II
What are they thinking?

Evaluate to Determine Reliability, Accuracy, Timeliness, Evidence, Print Sources, Author, Publisher and Bias

Animal Fact or Fiction--Graded Evaluation Searches using RollyoUsing Evaluation Games in ClassUsing Bad Apple Classroom EditionWikipedia: Ban It? or Boost It?Wikipedia in the ClassroomQuickPick: Links ToQuickPick: Reading URLs(in 3 parts)Accuracy(MicroModule)Date: How Recently was the Page Published or Updated?Evidence(MicroModule)Links To(MicroModule)
Traditional Sources(MicroModule)
QuickPick: Find Command
Curriculum Idea: Demo Search
Gold Rush Applications
Help with Hypertext
Tree Octopus
Golf Cross
British Stick Insect Foundation
Bad Apple Classroom Edition
Air Car
Elect Susie Flynn
Evaluate the Date
Evaluate Accuracy
Evaluate Evidence
Evaluate Links to
Using the IMSA Evaluation WizardEvaluating Blogs using RubricsWhat are they thinking?

Evaluating Information

Who is the Author?
Evaluating Information
Evaluating the Publisher
Evaluate these sites: Air Car Tadoos Golf Cross
Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie
California's Velcro Crop Under Challenge
Eternal Life
Mankato, MN
Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus
Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow Torches
The Burmese Mountain Dog
Jacopo di Poggibonsi
RYT Hospital
Mechanical Marvels
Dihoydrogen Monoxide

Use: How will I ethically use this information?

Copyright, Citation-Credit, Fair Use, Quotations, Paraphrasing and Plagiarism

Secondary Searching (Guide)
Action Zone Lessons(Guide)
Incorporate Images(MicroModule)
Incorporate Text(MicroModule)
Sorting Hat Challenge(Search Challenge)
Useless Facts Challenge(Search Challenge)
Copyright(Tutorial Game)
Citation(Tutorial Game)
Plagiarism 1(Tutorial Game)
Plagiarism 2(Tutorial Game)
Citation Assessment(Interactive Tool)
Citation Assessment User Guide(Teacher Guide)

Using Information

Citation Procedure
Test your Search and Ethical Use Skills


Choosing the right dog for a pet.
Teacher Example: www.petwebsite.com/dogs/.
Teacher Example 2: www.akc.org
RADCAB 1: www.wonderpuppy.net
RADCAB 2: www.canismajor.com/dog/decis.html
RADCAB 3: www.dogs.about.com/cs/breedprofiles/a/choosing_a_dog.htm
RADCAB 4: www.northbay-canine.org/miscmutt-txt.htm
RADCAB 5: www.showdog.com
RADCAB 6: http://www.purina.com/choosing-a-pet/
RADCAB 7: http://www.dog-obedience-training-review.com/choosing-a-dog-breed.html
A1. http://www1.extension.umn.edu/youth/mn4-H/projects/animal-science/dog/ (Appropriateness)
A2. http://www.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/whatsnew/article2.cfm?id=1124 (Appropriateness)
A3. http://www.raiseddogfeeder.com/html/dogformation.html (Appropriateness)
C1: http://caninechronicle.com/ (Currency) Click on link to Our Cover Story
C2: http://www.dognews.com/ (Currency) Click on the Current Issue
C3: http://www.celebritydognews.com/celeb_dog_owner.php (Currency) Read Celeb Dog Owner of the Week


National Months of Celebration
Nobel Prize Winners



Link to Website Evaluation page

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