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Aesop Fables

Aesop For Children
Myths and Legends
Read Myths and Legends created by other A-H students!
(Click on the above link, then find Atwood-Hammond Elementary School in the drop down menu to read others stories.)

Story Map


NASA Space Place
NASA Kids' Club


Author sites from Readquarium
Authors from OCLC - Information on authors, perfomers, editors and publishers.
Presidents of the United States
First Ladies

More Biography Sites


Dewey Decimal System

Browse the Internet by Dewey Decimal System

Holiday Fun


Internet Safety

Router's Birthday Surprise
UYN: The NetSmartz Chat Abbreviation

UYN: The Boy Who Loved IM

UYN: Don't Open That File

Keyboarding Games

Dance Mat Typing
Retro Typer
Arachnid Falls
Free Typing Game
Key Man
Keyboard Challenge
Qwerty Warriors
Ready, Set, Type
The Typing of the Ghosts
Type Type Revolution
Typing Adventure 1

Language Arts

Friendly Letter Maker
Word Clouds

Library Skills

Parts of a Book Definitions (web link)
Parts of a Book Index Flip (class activity)
Parts of a Book Matching (individual practice)
Parts of a Book Concentration (advanced individual practice)
Part of a Book Word Search (independent work)